Take One Picture whole school exhibition 2018

Another successful  whole school project which has resulted in a really inspiring and varied exhibition in the hall. All of the children started the project by looking at the painting ‘An Experiment with a bird’ by Joseph Wright of Derby.

The nursery class took photos using the Ipad and then experimented with changing the colours.

The reception classes focussed on making their own birds.

Year one liked the contrast between light and dark in the painting. They drew two self portraits, one using white chalk on black paper and one using charcoal on white paper. Then they cut them in half and put them together.

Year two also liked the contrast in the painting. They researched information on birds and made a whole class book based on the painting.

Year three wanted to rescue the bird and make a home for it so they decided to make bird boxes.

Year four researched and drew other different types of birds.

Year five were interested in the experiment so they decided to make their own experiments.

Year six designed a textile design incorporating lots of different species of birds.